Ian Thomas Motivational Speaker


Ian Thomas: Communication

Ian explains how the individual lions intently observe each others behaviour and so have the ability to communicate in silence. This allows them to seize an opportunity.

Ian Thomas: Focus

Ian acts out how lions focus so intently that they quiver in anticipation of the charge. There is absolutely no deviating from their goal.

Ian Thomas: Laughter

Ian is a master story teller; here he describes how being charged by a lion can result in a hilarious situation. He has an unbelievable ability to connect with the audience.

Ian Thomas: Missunderstood goals

Ian shows that in most teams the individuals do not know what the goal is.

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Ian Thomas presentation: Trust

Ian talks about how a lionesses in the pride commits to a dangerous situation because she has absolute trust that the other lionesses are about to arrive and help her deal with the flying hooves of the zebra.

Ian Thomas: Powerful and Confident Hunters

Ian demonstrates the speed and power of a lioness coupled with how confident she is that her team will back her up.

Ian Thomas: Buffalo Size

Ian talks about the incredible bulk and power of an exceptionally big bull buffalo, which may weigh as much as a whole rugby scrum – eight unusually big men.

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