Audio visual presentation

Key topic: Teamwork

Duration 1:15 minutes


How lessons from lions can teach you to create successful business teams.

The pride structure developed on the great grassy savannahs of Africa, a veld rumbling with wild animals, where even today roam vast herds of antelope and zebra. Lions evolved alongside the herds and the interaction between hunter, hunted, and competitor forged them into teams of superbly effective hunters and fighters. These teams collectively known as prides flourished and they are emerged as a potent example of teamwork for maximum effect.

The lesson from lions to business is – teams are successful because:

  • Each individual member is skillful, powerful and energetic; many of them have specialist skills.
  • Total focus is on clear-cut and often ambitious goals.
  • Communication is vital and is enhanced by intent listening andwatching other pride members for opportunities.
  • Incentives motivate and reward success.
  • Trust is crucial; pride members are focused, skillful and cohesive.
  • The structure is flat
  • Strict selection ensures that there are no passengers.
  • Training is intense, continuous and fun.
  • Image enhances function.
  • Synergy – the pride is more powerful than the sum of the strengths of the individuals.

The unremitting application of these ten power points puts the pride in a win-win situation: the pride and its members thrive.


The business and the individuals thrive!