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What Do They Say About Ian?

Conversations, memories, actions, attitudes, behaviour – all influenced by the wonderful and illuminating presentation that you gave to Bayer\’s Sales Force last week. The audience were totally fascinated by all the subjects and there was talk about lions and lionesses all week. The management at Bayer are very excited about the potential change in attitudes within the culture of their Sales Force resulting from your presentation.
The Crown Production Team
Crown Business Communications Limited
Your closing address was one of the best examples of motivational speaking I have ever heard. I say this as a speaker, and someone who has hired other guest speakers, and who has been involved in the Corporate Entertainment Industry for over 15 years. You managed to combine the timing of a professional comedian with the skills of a professional mime artist, you obviously had a complete mastery of your subject matter, but what came over above all was your passion for your subject combined with a desire to use that knowledge and passion to communicate to your audience. It was funny, riveting and inspirational all at the same time.
Clive Panto
Speaker at Finance Directors & Catering Managers Forum aboard the Aurora (UK)
All three sessions were packed out as delegates warmed to your inimitable style and memorable business message. In the post conference evaluations the delegates rated you top speaker. Over three engagements, we estimate that over 1250 different pharmacists experienced the privilege of listening to you and benefiting from your provocative business message. Sigma company is proud of our association and are happy to recommend to any organisation the relevance of your material and the uniqueness of your presentation.”
Mike Lazarow
Group Mananger Corporate & Professional Affairs - SIGMA Company Limited, Australia
I would like to thank you for the team building exercises you provided our group. The service you provided and your professional approach is greatly appreciated. Your programme made a great impression on my colleagues and I received excellent feedback. We achieved all our objectives and I look forward to continuing our relationship.
Pierre Tredoux
Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group