"Vivid story-telling,
threatening growls and
stunning images bring the
presentation to life, thus
cementing powerful
business messages."
Is there something that you,
or you and your team regard
as a daunting, even
dangerous challenge.
'The Spoor of Success Presentation'
Your focus
determines your
'The Power of the Pride Presentation'

Ian Thomas – Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Tracker & Author

Ian Thomas is a motivational speaker who studied lions at close quarters during 20 years as a game ranger in Africa. As one of the world’s top keynote speakers, he uses that knowledge to transform teams. Ian is a dynamic and inspiring presenter, Ian believes people, and especially business people, can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom. Click here to learn more.

Ian Thomas’s Presentations and Books​

Ian draws on both his business and safari background to deliver motivational presentations.

… Ian Thomas actually becomes the lions, physically , with his body movement.

Through your “Power of the Pride” you managed to connect, and unite, every single person in our audience of 450. One of the most difficult things to achieve is a common platform in a very diverse audience: you held them in the palm of your hand – executives, middle managers, call centre staff – every single one of them hanging of every word! It was incredible! The message of team work and collaboration hit home – and I can’t describe the change in energy and in attitude after the session.