Audio visual presentation

Key topic: Strategy

Duration 1:15 minutes


“Is there something that you as an individual, or you and your team, regard as a formidable, but worthy challenge?

Something that would really shake things up!

Something so wonderful that if you pulled it off, would be regarded as a major success, and would substantially enhance your reputation!

Some goal, that if you achieved it, you would say, “Wow! Hoo-ha! Yes!”

“If you answered, ‘yes’, I am faced by such a challenge.

Then I ask a second question. Do you intend to pursue it, hunt it, overcome it? Do you intend to succeed?

If you answered ‘yes’ once more, then the third question is.

Are you ‘up for a fight’?

Because if you want to achieve something spectacular, something daunting: you must realise that it is going to be a fight!”

“Another thing that I will tell you up front is that most people don’t want to change, even if the final outcome would be better. Why would we not want to go where it is more satisfying, more exciting, more profitable? The answer is simple. We find it difficult, because no matter how unsatisfying it is where we are, it is also comfortable. And comfort is seductive! Why, because we are used to it, we understand it, and perceive it to be safe. And therein lies its power.”

We always do what we always did, unless we make a conscious, focussed and often formidable effort not to. But every now and then something arrives that thrusts you out of your comfort zone and suddenly life becomes scary, disturbing, and you feel you can not cope.”

While working as a guide at Londolozi, a game lodge in South Africa, Ian and his tracker Phineas faced a life threatening situation when they were tasked with tracking an extremely aggressive lion on a daily basis. Initially they were in crisis mode, but then made some crucial decisions that were rapidly implemented. This changed everything and Ian, Phineas, and the lodge went from strength to strength.

Some of the principles that are highlighted in this presentation:

Make the difficult choices, doing nothing is dangerous.

The goal must be crystal clear and the method of achieving it completely understood.

You need people who are exceptional at what they do; everyone involved must be highly skilled, involved, and motivated: no passengers: no pretenders.

Vastly improved results must be rapidly achieved with the same or less costs: work smarter, work harder.

New sources of competitive advantage must be actively sought.


The presentation will illustrate that a crisis can be a powerful motivator and has the potential to lift the performance of both the individual and the business.