Hear what 702’s John Robbie has to say about Ian

Hear what 702’s John Robbie has to say about Ian 702 and John Robbie recording transcript Robbie: … and there was a break for tea, and after tea they had the guest speaker, and I introduced him. His name is Ian Thomas and he’s a lion expert, and he told me I’d actually introduced him and […]

Do Spotted Eagle-Owls Create Middens?

Do Spotted Eagle-Owls create middens? The ‘Bushman Trail’ is situated in the south-western corner of the Kruger National Park. A typical walk moves through grassy valleys that are flanked by rolling hills. The crests of these hills are crowned by piles of massive, rounded, blocky, boulders. It is difficult to walk at any pace here as […]

Martial Eagle decline

Martial Eagle decline An afternoon storm moved across the Sabi River, pelted the veld and moved northwards. Twenty minutes later it was mostly bright sunshine. Amidst the retreating thunder I could hear the staccato alarm call of some panic-stricken guineafowl. Slowly, we edged forward and around the next bend we found the birds, packed tightly […]

Feral Cat – Street Art

Feral Cat – Street Art Feral cat, River Art next to Braamfontein spruit. Late one afternoon I went to the Braamfontein Spruit in Johannesburg (spruit is a small river) to photograph these two cats which have been painted on a wall next to the flowing water. The artist has signed them ‘Stay wild’. I am […]

Yellow-Billed Kite – A Daring Aerial Pirate

Yellow Billed Kite – A Daring Areal Pirate A man from West Africa told me that he had visited a busy food market. Many of the traders are women and they carry the food in pots, baskets, and other containers that are balanced on their heads. Some even ‘ride pillion’ on motorbikes with containers on […]

Crowned Lawping Eggs

Crowned Lawping Eggs At sunrise one morning I found a Crowned Lapwing nest. In sandy, slightly gravelly soil, the birds had scooped out a small, circular, crater. Two of the most stunning eggs lay on the gravel bed. Their base colour was a mustardy, khaki. On top of this were uneven patches blue-gray and larger, […]

Power of the Pride Book

BUY NOW How lessons from a pride of lions can teach you to create powerful business teams In this rivetting and well illustrated account, Ian Thomas draws on his intimate knowledge of the King of Beasts to show that modern business teams have everything to learn from the superbly effective structure of a lion pride. […]

Power of the Pride Presentation

Audio visual presentation Key topic: Teamwork Duration 1:15 minutes Book Now THE POWER OF THE PRIDE How lessons from lions can teach you to create successful business teams. The pride structure developed on the great grassy savannahs of Africa, a veld rumbling with wild animals, where even today roam vast herds of antelope and zebra. […]

Spoor of Success Presentation

Audio visual presentation Key topic: Strategy Duration 1:15 minutes Book Now THE SPOOR OF SUCCESS “Is there something that you as an individual, or you and your team, regard as a formidable, but worthy challenge? Something that would really shake things up! Something so wonderful that if you pulled it off, would be regarded as […]